Listry Golf Society Matchplay Rules


  1. Anyone entering can put their names on a list in Faha Court or at the time of paying for the President’s outing on Saturday 1st April 2017 or at the prize giving afterwards. All members are notified by a text of the competition and sign up details. Saturday 1st April is the closing date for entries.
  2. Entry fee is payable prior to draw, €5 payable to designated committee member. If no entry fee has been paid the name will not be entered in the competition. The first draw will be made on Sunday 2nd April and the fixtures will be posted on the Listry Golf Society website, Facebook page and noticeboards as for usual outings.
  3. The first draw will be a preliminary draw if required to reduce the numbers to either 64 or 32. So, for example, if 50 sign up a preliminary round will take place where 36 play off, knocking out 18 to reduce the number to 32. After that there will be a further 5 rounds. All subsequent draws will be targeted for the night of a prize giving but may, for example, take place on a monthly basis as decided by the organizers depending on number of participants/rounds. This may mean that the preliminary round and 1st round are all drawn on the 2nd April, eg prelim 36 drawn and 1st round of 32 also, with prelim round winners represented in the draw by letters A to R etc. Matches should be played 7 days before each outing but an exact date will be specified for each round after each draw.
  4. Again this year, losers of the first round proper of the matchplay – or of any preliminary round (if one is required) – will be entitled to enter a separate “Shield” Matchplay competition. Please indicate at time of entry if interested in entering this second competition in the event of losing your first round match. A separate fee of €5 will be required prior to the draw for this competition which will be made after the first round proper of the matchplay has been concluded. This draw will be held at the prize-giving for the second outing of the year.
  5. The first drawn player has ‘home’ advantage. The match will be played at their home course. As one player will not require to pay a green fee the cost of the green fee for the other player will be shared between both players. Where the first player drawn does not have a home course they can choose at which course to play the match. Where the first drawn player’s home club has more than one course it is the choice of the ‘home’ player which course the match will be played on subject to availability.
  6. PLEASE NOTE that this year the final will again be over 36 holes. The first player drawn will have choice to play ‘Home’ or ‘Away’ for the first 18 holes. In the event of a tie after 36 holes, any sudden death further holes must be played on the course the second 18 holes were played on. This applies even if the sudden death holes have to be played on another day due to bad light etc
  7. All matches will be played from the ‘white’ markers.
  8. The ‘home’ player is responsible for making contact and arranging the match.
  9. If a match is not played by the required date the following are the options;
    • Both players agree that the match was not played due to the unavailability of one of the players and they both agree on which competitor proceeds to the next round
    • Both players do not agree who should proceed and both players are disqualified – next round opponent receives a bye
    • The LGS committee may choose to extend the time available to play matches due to inclement weather conditions
  10. All matches will be played under R & A rules of golf and matchplay rules ( Where a question arises on the course where both players disagree, the players should seek clarification after the round is completed, where the player who was incorrect suffering a loss of hole and the result of the match adjusted accordingly. If both players were incorrect the hole should be deemed to be halved.
  11. The handicap will be 3/4 of the difference between both handicaps. For the 2017 Listry Golf Society Matchplay, all players will play off their handicap on the date of the match in question. It is the players own responsibility to ensure that the handicap is up to date and correct. If there is a dispute about handicaps players may be asked to produce evidence of their handicaps on that date by the LGS committee. Penalty points from outings will not carry over into matchplay games.
  12. Where a match takes place between a male and female member the following will apply;
    • Each member will play from their respective teeing grounds, ie men from male tees ‘white’ and ladies from ladies ‘red’ tees
    • Each member will play a hole based on the their respective par’s ie if a hole is a par 4 for men and a par 5 for a woman, a hole is halved if they both score the same stableford score taking into consideration the handicap weighting.
    • The indexing for each hole will be determined by the player who is the higher handicapper, eg. if the male player has a higher handicap by 8, ¾ = 6 shots, the indexing will be governed by the male indexing so he has his 6 shots on his lowest 6 indexed holes (holes index 1-6); if the female player has 6 shots, the indexing will be as per the female indexing so the female player will have shots on the 6 lowest indexing holes for female players (holes 1-6)